Price:$ 499,000
Lot Size:5.7 acres
MLS #:3778179
  • Dukes Pampered Pets was a well established boarding kennel from 2002-2020 and it's waiting for its new owner - you!
  • 2 large kennel buildings with a total of 39 kennel runs, 4 private suites, and 2 large flex space rooms
  • Perfect for animal lovers who want to work with pets, Professional Handlers and serious dog breeders. This place is for you!
  • Buildings could be adapted for other uses such as a brewery, art studios, or - - -
  • Located in the country with easy access to Waynesville, Canton, I-40 and Asheville
  • Duke's Pampered Pets served Western North Carolina from December 2002 until Covid shut it down in 2020. They had a reputation for being a fun, safe environment for your family member to stay while you were away.  The property consists of 2 kennel buildings on +/- 5.7 acres. The boarding kennel did little advertising yet grossed in excess of $150,000 a year.  The property could easily re-open and be successful again!

    The main Kennel Building is approximately 2,440 sq/ft with 16 indoor-outdoor runs, 9 indoor-only runs, 4 private suites, and a quiet cat room.  The private suites rented for a little bit more and are perfect for “mixed” families that want to stay together (cats, dogs, and even bunnies).

    The “Haven” Kennel building was designed and run for rescues. It is approximately 1,900 sq/ft with 5 enclosed kennel rooms containing 2 or 3 indoor-outdoor kennel runs each. This gives you a total of 15 indoor-outdoor kennel runs.  This layout was designed to make quarantining of new dogs easy. In addition, there are two large kennel rooms perfect for cats or litters of puppies plus 2 quarantine rooms for cats. Both buildings have multiple outdoor play areas. All flooring is tile with tile walls separating each kennel and French drains in front for easy cleaning. Fencing and cross fencing helps ensure that a lose dog won’t get far. Although there is not a grooming room, both buildings have dog baths and space that could be converted for a grooming business.

    The “Haven” was built with non-profit funds and the seller will donate the cost of the building to another rescue at closing.

    There is a three bedroom house sitting downhill from the kennels that could be included in a sale. It has a quiet and peaceful backyard where you can relax away from the business yet be close enough to hear if anything needs your attention. The home is approximately 1,624 sq/ft with 3 bedrooms, 1 full and 1 half bath.

    The property could easily adapt to other uses such as a brewery, art studios, or ------- whatever your need might be, this could work!

    This is the perfect opportunity for an animal lover. Dog show handlers will see their business expand by keeping client dogs in one building while running the boarding kennel in another. Dog breeders will love the “Haven” kennel with the clean and quarantined space it offers for young puppies.  The location is rural yet close to the towns of Canton, Waynesville and Asheville and about 10 minutes from I-40. Dog shows, training classes and a multitude of new clients are right at your fingertips. Western North Carolina has truly gone to the dogs. Isn’t it time that you join us?  

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